Be Stronger

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Jump Higher

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Run Faster

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Prevent Injuries

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Gain Confidence

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Our approach to training incorporates the most up-to-date methodology in the field of sports performance


Improve Strength

ARC will test your limits and make you better, faster, stronger appropriate for your fitness level and age. With individual programming and technique, ARC athletes improve total body, core, and extremity strength. We'll test you before and after to help you see the difference.

Jump Higher & Run Faster

Through proper jump mechanic training, speed, agility, and plyometric drills, the average ARC athlete will jump 2.5 inches higher, 6 inches further, and run a 5-10-5 shuttle 0.36 seconds faster.

Almost every sport utilizes quick reaction time, running speed, explosiveness, and balance. Improve your athletic performance now!


Live healthier

ARC not only works on getting you stronger, but getting you healthier - that will improve your performance AND lifestyle after all!

With a comprehensive approach to mobility, flexibility, stability, and injury prevention, ARC can make you healthier in the long run. We can identify potential problem areas that could eventually lead to common injuries like ACL ruptures, back pain, and shoulder injuries to name a few.

Gain Confidence

- Results You Can See -

ARC uses software you can access inside and outside the gym and track your achievements and improvements. 

- Teamwork -

With a supportive staff and team based environment, your entire sports team can join the gym and improve or you can join in as an individual and be part of the #TrainARC team. You can find a place on the ARC team no matter your age.